"... highly organized, detail oriented and process driven, helping guide our team to a successful completion.
                                         Scott Milanowski, Director Utility Transformation - OG&E

…outstanding….a trusted and reliable source for consulting services.”    Don Dougherty, Managing Partner - Denali Group
"... as vested in a successful conclusion as the clients themselves.”        David Mirliss, President - SMS Group Services
Conformed copies of Task Orders Fairwater Associates has received (click to open):



For information related to the Seaport-E program and with regard to the services performed and related customer satisfaction, contact:  seaport-e@fairwaterllc.com or +1.757.745.9001


For each contract, Fairwater will require written quality control (QC) plans to ensure the quality of our products and services. The QC plans will address all QC requirements for each phase of work.

Integration of QC into the planning stage and program reviews allows early identification of risks to the entire project team, and allows development of a mitigation plan rather than simply responding to immediate issues. Risk identification includes ensuring that skilled experienced personnel are assigned for specific tasks, qualified subcontractors are in place and task specific plans are prepared and communicated to all project team members so that the goals and objectives are clearly understood.  Fairwater’s integration of quality practices into all phases of work allows ready implementation of innovative practices.


American First Contracting

Technical Capability
Construction management services include: design build services, general contracting, project management, engineering, environmental services and sustainability assessment and design.  Procurement Services includes specification analysis, assessment of technical compliance, due diligence for sourcing, quality control, supply chain management, delivery management and billing.  We provide a sophisticated range of facilities management expertise, from 24/7 on site monitoring of strategic government sites to providing management solutions in office, industrial and healthcare facilities.  Our services include all essential systems, including energy, roofing, HVAC, transportation, lighting and security systems.  We have developed processes to save energy, reduce costs and lower the total cost of ownership of any facility.  Our engineers audit your assets and condition to deliver a strategic plan to help drive down costs and increase the life cycle of your assets.   Tactics to implement these services include:  site assessments, energy audits, benchmarking, maintenance, staffing analysis, capital budgeting and planning, life cycle analysis, construction and preventive maintenance.

American First Contracting would be an excellent team member in any functional area or project that has been specified in our technical capabilities and that is complementary to the team.  Our significant experiences in program management, strategic sourcing and quality assurance would provide outstanding complementary services to the team.

Past Performance:

Contract No: W912P6-11-C-0013
Prime or Sub:   Prime Contract
$Value: $1M in total in the past 3 years
Customer: USACE
Contract Title: United States Army Corps of Engineers Aquatic Nuisance Caretaker Services Project, Romeoville, Illinois
Funct. Areas: (as identified above)  3.2, 3.7, 3.19, 3.21
Period of Performance / Date Completed: Past 3 years/not yet completed
Description of work performed: Providing the Corp of Engineers round-the-clock Engineers to perform maintenance, emergency services, and upkeep on the dispersal barriers located in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.  This high profile project is part of the system designed to keep the Asian Carp from infiltrating Lake Michigan.

Contract No:   (A) 6007701; (B) 6113110
Prime or Sub: Sub-Contract
$Value:  (A) $41,800; (B) $81,000
Customer: USPS
Contract Title: (A) United States Postal Distribution Center Energy Retrofit, Franklin Park, Illinois;  (B) United States Postal Distribution Center Energy Retrofit, Palatine, Illinois
Funct. Areas: (as identified above) 3.20, 3.7, 3.89, 3.15
Period of Performance / Date Completed: 2011
Description of work performed:  (A)  Mechanical, building automation and damper replacement for a 400,000 sq.ft. USPS facility.  This major retrofit includes all mechanical and lighting systems upgrades in all electric, regional distribution facility in Franklin Park, IL.  American First provided owner liaison and site supervision services.  (B)  American First Contracting has been awarded a contract to provide site supervision and project management for a 380,000 sq. ft. facility providing a complete energy system retrofit.  This major retrofit includes all mechanical and lighting systems upgrades in all electric, regional distribution facility in Palatine, IL.

Contract No: 0001
Prime or Sub: Prime-Contrac
$Value:  $115,00
Customer:  24 Hour Acute Care Medical Facility, Lake in the Hills, Illinois
Contract Title:  24 Hour Acute Care Medical Facility, Lake in the Hills, Illinois
Funct. Areas: (as identified above)  3.7, 3.15, 3.9, 3.2
Period of Performance / Date Completed:  Ongoin
Description of work performed:  Facilities Management of complex renovation of an occupied regional medical facility, including a 24 hour emergency clinic and laboratory, electrical and mechanical systems. $1MM annual contract.

Patrona Corporation

Technical Capability
Patrona has over 35 employees providing engineering and technical services; project management; logistics and life cycle management; financial management; quality control management and certification; executive administrative support; professional services support; and Lean Six Sigma support.

Patrona is anticipated to perform professional support services in the areas of Engineering, Program Management, Logistics, Foreign Military Sales, Maintenance Engineering, Business and Financial Support, Information Technologies, Reliability, Safety and Quality Assurance, and Configuration Management.

Past Performance:

Patrona Corporation holds prime contracts at:

1)   OUSD (AT&L) Contract # HQ0034-11-C-0033, TCV $3,600,000 ; POP – 05/09/2011 – 05/08/2014; Services provided include annual comprehensive and detailed spend analysis efforts of DoD contract purchases for use by senior OUSD (AT&L) leadership.

Additionally, via SeaPort-e subcontracts, Patrona Corporation provides support services to customers such as:

2)   Team Submarine Contract # N00024-01-D-7019/N00024-11-C-6282, TCV $15,700,000; POP December 2011 – July 2012; Services provided include Professional Engineering Management, Logistics Support and Financial Management acquisition and in-service submarine support to Team Submarine.

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